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“Creativity is a survival instinct” My acting coach said this in class years ago, his words have stayed with me for almost a decade now.
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You may already know that I lost my Mom to colon cancer on May 11TH.

She was a wonderful, encouraging Mom and my best friend.

She was very passionate about health, nutrition and helping others get well. Even when she had to leave her job as a nutritional coach because of cancer, I over heard her speaking on the phone about diet and health, it sounded like one of her coaching calls…

“Mom who were you talking to?”

“Oh honey that was a a solicitor, his name is Miguel, he was trying to sell me some solar panels. His wife has cancer so I was telling him about juicing and organic food.”

My mom’s passion for health, kept her going and excited about living even it the darkest scariest situations when cancer was invading and barging in on her life.

This is my little sister Danielle, she’s 48.


She’s an excellent hair dresser.

I’ve been stopped on the street by strangers asking who does my hair. One lady asked to take a photo of my hair cut in the grocery store. When I was on the set of Home and Family TV, two of the host’s wanted to know, “how do you get your hair to look like that?”

Last week Danielle was diagnosed with colon cancer.

elle and emma wsadie

These are her two girls, Elle and Emma.

My sister and my mom.

danielle and mom

Not fair.

and unthinkable.

Creativity is what I turn to when I’m mad, heartbroken, depressed or happy.  My hope is to bring joy and inspiration to anyone who needs it. Some of these comments came from videos I made while going through some of the hardest times in my life.

youtube comments

My life has been a mix of blessings and pain.  I lost a best friend to AIDS, a boyfriend to liver failure, Bailey my Golden retriever.

There have been other harder things that are just too painful to share.

I don’t think anyone is exempt from hurt.

But we all choose what to focus on.

When I make something beautiful I’m saying to the world,

“I may not be able to change all the darkness, I can’t control the things that are destroying my family, my friends our country…

But I can create this one small thing and it’s good.

That may seem silly but it’s what I have to offer.

My sister doesn’t like crafting, furniture painting or decorating. She has always said I wish I had a passion. I like cutting hair, & being a Mom but I don’t have a big dream.

When she told me last week ( just days before her diagnosis ) that she is really enjoying her garden and wanted to start a Succulent Bar in the yard adjacent to my store…


I was like… ” lets do it!”

So she picked a name and a logo!

danielles logo

I want to help my sister turn my ramshackle yard into her Dream Garden/ DIY succulent bar.

A place  to buy beautiful container gardens, or make your own creation and the “succulent bar’ a place that will encourage anyone who needs to make something good.

This idea is a big one and I need help.

danielles feet
We need volunteers to help plant and we need garden cuttings and recycled containers.

I have a Pinterest board with lots of inspiration click here, DIY Succulents  Pinterest board  

If you would like to help, there are many ways to contribute.

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